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Someone is touching me in an uncomfortable way

Healing Starts Here


If you are in danger or need immediate assistance, please call 911 or local emergency services

If you are being physically abused, sexually abused, neglected, or exploited, immediately make a call to the Department of Child Services (DCS) 24-hour Hotline at 1-888-SOS-CHILD (1-888-767-2445)

Someone is touching me in an uncomfortable way and I'm afraid to tell...

As a child, you have the right to protect your body. You have the right to tell a trusted adult if someone is hurting you.

  1. Someone is touching you (with their hands, mouth or their privates) on your body or private areas (bottom, vagina, breasts or penis) either above your clothes or under.
  2. Someone is making you touch them (with your hands, mouth, or privates) on ANY part of their body, above their clothes or under.
  3. An adult or older child is showing you pictures or videos of naked people or people having sex.
  4. An adult or older child is taking pictures of you with no clothes on or pictures of your private parts.
  5. An adult hurts you in a way that leaves bruises, marks, or burns on your body.

These things are NOT your Fault!
Tell a trusted adult and report it.

Watch the videos to know how to tell a trusted adult. If you do not know a trusted adult, you can call 1-888-767-2445.
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